2020 beauty must-haves

Hello my lovelies!

Can you believe that 2020 is over? Finally, right??? I think it’s been difficult for everyone in some way. Despite that, I tried to keep myself busy as much as I could with the work and school and maybe that’s why I haven’t posted anything since June. OOOhhh! Long time, no post:(… However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about beauty and fashion. Only the travel part is kind of not happening/ not possible right now.

But let’s not complain and dive straight into the beauty, shall we? I focused on the skin care more last year, due to the constant face mask wearing. My skin had suffered a lot because it just couldn’t breathe. I’ve been dealing with pores and acne my whole life but it got much worse last spring. Do you have a similar problem? If yes, keep reading…

The first product I want to talk about is literally ‘heaven on earth’. Pink cactus pudding by STARSKIN Orglamic has been part of my everyday routine since April last year. The Badura twins talked about it in their video once and I was so impressed by the review that I got it online straight away. I usually don’t do it, but believe me, it was so worth it! It is 100% natural, it smells really good and your skin is cleaner and smoother within days. The cream is also super hydrating and moisturizing. To be honest, I haven’t heard of this Korean brand before but I’m glad I did:). They have the whole collection including masks, eye creams, serums etc. I can’t wait to try the pink cactus mask:). The packaging is very pretty too. Pink jar that lasts months… (The price range is between 40-50Eur.)

Next up, we have the famous KYLIE SKIN and her Vitamin C serum. When I first heard about it, I didn’t pay much attention. It was kind of hard to get and overpriced. And then, miracle happened:)!!! The brand with its products arrived into the Douglas stores here in Europe last summer. I went there on the launch day and got this serum, eye cream, face wash and face cream. I had an urge to try it out just because I’ve been obsessed with her lipsticks for years and I expected the same quality in these products too. After months of using, I realized that the Vitamin C serum has the biggest impact on my skin. It has an ability to calm it down, reduce pores, revitalize and also disinfect. It really is important for the skin to absorb vitamins this way as well. Believe me, one pump a day and your skin will thank you:). (The price is 30Eur.)

I just wanted to show you the whole package of the KYLIE SKIN products that I got:). Pink and pretty as usual…

Moving on to the higher end, I must include the one and only Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. I’ve heard so much about this product but never wanted to spend that much money, obviously. And then one autumn day, I got 25% discount on this brand and didn’t think any longer. As Ariana Grande sings, I want it, I got it:D. Oh yeah! My skin was already better but still needed a boost. I tried to keep up my beauty appointments regularly, which was a nightmare during lockdowns but I wanted something more… Something that would end my skin problems. So I gave this serum a try. Now, after 3 months of daily use, I can say that I truly love the results. I wake up every day with a beautiful radiant skin. I still struggle with acne a little bit (especially on the chin)but it is definitely much much better than it was. I wish I had a picture of my face before and after, but I don’t like to take selfies anymore so sorry about that:D.

Last but not least, there are some makeup products worth mentioning. The prettiest christmas present Diorific Golden nights limited edition (lipsticks, nail polish and eyeshadow palette) is all you need for a festive season or winter party. Rockin red lips and nails has always been a ‘thing’ for me. It’s kind of old school but still feminine and sexy. The consistency of the lipsticks is creamy and easy to apply. It has jojoba oil extract and a sparkly undertone. The eyeshadow palette has 5 nude shades. My favorites are: Pink champagne, shimmering black and intense gold. The snowflake motif is very original and insta-looking:). I’m in loooove… #diorlady

To sum up this beauty recap of 2020, I’m just so happy that I found these new brands and new products, especially when it comes to skin care. I hope this blog post was helpful. It’s all my honest opinions (not sponsored). Let me know if you’re struggling with similar problems in the comments section down below, so we can all help each other a bit at these tough times.

I promise, I’ll be more active on this platform this year:)…

xx Stay safe and lots of love xx

By Lesi Lee

What’s up with me?

Hello my beautiful friends🙋🏻‍♀️💗🌸, long time no see I know… Corona lasted way too long and I just wasn’t in a mood to write or shoot anything. Sorry about that… Anyway, all is behind us finally and we are slowly getting back to normal☺️. I started going to work last week and I couldn’t be more excited🥰…

When it comes to travelling, it is kind of frustrating to not know when the situation settles in the world and all the flights will be available again. I truly miss holidays and I had to postopone or cancel 2 of them already but I believe everything is gonna be fine soon🙂.

Last week, me and my friend visited this beautiful lavender field near Bratislava and my heart jumped from joy after a long time💜. As a person who loves aesthetically pleasing places, it was like a purple heaven for me. Here is a few pics from our trip.

It was a beautiful sunny day, so I put on my summer dress for a first time this year💜.

Dress: Vero Moda, sunglasses: Bijou Briggite, leggins: H&M, shoes: CCC

This was just a short info post I guess😀 but I have lots of ideas so stay tuned for more travels, beauty and fashion.

Love you and talk to you soon🙋🏻‍♀️💗…

By Lesi Lee

💗🏡Semi precious stones: Not just a home decoration

Hi guys!
How are you all doing? Are you staying at home (due to quarantine) or working as usual? I have been working from home for a week now and I realized how important a clean, cozy and aesthetically pleasing looking environment is. That is why I want to show you few bits and pieces from the semi precious stone collection that can really brighten your home, bring energy and positive mindfulness. It has been a while since I showed you my semi precious stone jewellery collection (you can find the post in beauty section) so sit down, make yourself tea and read/lax:)…Some information about the products- Golden trey: DEBENHAMS, White fluffy rug: IKEA, Amethyst obelisks, rose quartz obelisks, pieces of agate/ amethyst: different local ezoteric shops.Rose quartz (also called Heart stone)
I will start with this one because it has been my favourite ever since I was a child. I always believed that it is the most powerful one because life without love is simply impossible. I don´t want to sound too emotional, sorry:). Rose quartz carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, healing and also nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, healing emotional wounds/ fears. This stone can literally reawake the heart to its own innate love and provide deep sense of personal fulfillment. It allows one to truly give and receive love from others which is why I think everyone should have it at home. Sometimes, I just hold the stone in my hands for a while, when I need that extra energy. If you don´t believe in its power, you can just use them as a beautiful decoration for your shelf/ table or even a bath corner (together with some therapy essence oils). Believe me, I was not always an ezoteric person:)… Little crystals and raw pieces of rose quartz are from local shops and rose quartz underlays are from yoga-day.cz.
Crystal (Pure quartz)
I actually do not have much of these but I abolutely love how they look. Their purity, multiple purpose and healing power… All about it…  It is a real energy amplifier. No need to describe it more:)…Amethyst
This beautiful purple stone has a very old tradition. Ancient Greeks used to wear it because they believed it would protect them from intoxication (drunkenness). The reason might sound a bit silly, but the fact that stones have healing power has been proven for centuries. Amethyst specifically helps with physical ailments connected to the nervous system. It can also cure insomnia and nightmares. Its energy to focus on emotional issues and heal them makes it a perfect semi precious stone for everyone and anyone. You know, we all live in a stressful environment so let amethyst become your own little therapeut:). Hold it in your hands, believe in its power, admire its beauty and miracle is done.I actually think that I love raw stones more than smooth ones. The structure is amazing, look at it! However, when it comes to aesthetics, the shiny ones look better as a decor, I admit…Agate
This is a very special stone. It can occur in many different colours and textures. It is formed from volcanic and metamorphic rocks which can make it difficult to recognize. But there is truly something magical about it… The structure, shades, everything! The power of agate is in cleansing and balancing aura. It controls the inner anger, emotional instability and also creates a sense of safety. Its calming and relaxing effect is the most important, I wish everyone had/ belived in it:)… World would be so much better!This is that last picture from the beautiful semi precious stone collection. I really hope you liked it. I actually even started thinking about having my own online shop with jewellery and home decor but it is not as easy as it looks so we will see how my dream goes… I wish you all a nice warm stay at home, make yourself comfortable, drink lots of tea and do not underestimate the power of crystals. In these crazy times, there is not much left, anyway! Talk to you soon…

         xx Lots of Love xx

          By Lesi Lee

🌸💗💁🏻‍♀️Blossoming me

Hello lovelies,

No, I am not getting married… Even though, the photos might look a bit wedding(ish)! We shot these beautiful spring pictures last year but I never had a chance to share them with you. And because it is getting warm, all is blossoming and I am home due to the self- quarantine, it is a perfect time to do it now so enjoy! (This had been my favourite photoshoot so far!)

Makeup: Dior Forever foundation 020 Light Beige, Hoola Benefit bronzer, Kylie liquid lipstick KOKO K, CHANEL Le Volume 10 Noir mascara, Urban Decay Cherry eyeshadow palette, highlighter Carli Bybel Deluxe palette.

Dress: TK Maxx, actual wedding dress by Love and Lavender

Jewellery: PANDORA

Photos by: D.P

I seriously felt like a princess/bride/Japanese geisha when shooting this. The blossoming tree and a simple pinkish makeup created a great base for perfect pics. I hope you will like them as much as I do and do not forget to follow me here and also on Instagram where I am constantly active @bylesilee.

IMG-0272Smile is the best thing any girl can wear.IMG-0251Can you see the lace details and a beautiful back of the dress? Loooove it…IMG-0239IMG-0263IMG-0366Sitting like the bride with a bouquet.

Let me know your thoughts about spring, weddings and all that good stuff:) and stay tuned! I am planning to post lots of great content in the next few weeks. Until then, I wish you lots of health and quality home time…

Lots of Love

By Lesi Lee

💐💄💗Spring favourites

LONG TIME, NO BEAUTY I know… At the times where everyone talks about corona, I want to share something different (because this is a fashion/beauty/travel blog)…  The spring is finally here and I could not be more excited! Tulips, cute outfits and pink highlights- that is spring for me. Today, I chose some of the most used products at the moment which I absolutely love. But before I start, let´s take a moment and look at how beautiful these tulips and goodies are!Oooooooowwww! Ok then, let´s dive in!
1. WATERFLOWER MAGIC by Kiko, shade 002 Natural Sienna 12: This pressed bronzer does not only look good (which is very important for a pink addict and beautyholic like me) but also the colour and quality is amazing. It is very easy to apply and contour with. The shade is actually quite similar to my all time favourite Hoola bronzer by Benefit which you all know already. I bought this one a few months ago in Geneva but waited till now to try it and I am seriously impressed.
2. KYLIESKIN Face moisturizer 24$: There was a lot of thrill and drama around the whole Kylie Jenner Skincare products and I guess I know why now. I loved the Kylie lipsticks so much that I ordered 3 products from the skincare line right before Christmas and it has been an obsession ever since. My skin is very sensitive (the blemishes, acne and pores appear easily and I could barely use any skincare products before) so I was quite happy when they launched these paraben-free, cruelty-free, natural and dermatologically tested products for sensitive skin. I actually had to reorder this cream cause I ran out quickly. I use it twice every day and here is why. The consistency is light but enriching at the same time, it smells lovely and what is more important, it leaves my skin radiant, smooth and FLAWLESS and that never ever happened before, I swear. I do not need any other primers or bases, it creates a great background for any makeup. Check http://www.kylieskin.com if you haven´t already:).
3. KKW lipstick shade KIMMIE (the kit of 4 is 45$): When talking about Kylie, I must mention this liquid lipstick from her last year´s collaboration with Kim Kardashian West. I bought the whole kit but this is my favourite at the moment. The pink undertone and shiny consistency make it perfect for spring and it just really goes with anything. When I like something a lot, I have to talk about it here on my blog (you know that if you follow me) so everything that you find here are just 100% honest opinions and recommendations. 4. DERMACOL Multi-purpose brightening palette 25: Before I describe this product, I must admit that my heart stopped for a moment when I first had it in my hands. Crazy? Maybe… but this is definitely the most beautiful and original palette I have ever seen. Even better than Carli Bybel palette (read my review in the beauty section)!!!! Rose gold, glitters, hearts, all floating around! This packaging is everything! Looooooooove it so much… I need to calm down, I know:D. So it consists of 4 shades: bronzer, 2 highlighters and a blusher. All of them are pretty, well pigmented and can be worn in the spring/summer season. They fit any skin tone and type because of their naturalism. DERMACOL totally killed it and I am so happy to have this on my makeup table!
5. VERSACE EROS POUR FEMME 70: Spring without an amazing scent is just like Donatella without her father . This perfume is not new at all, I have had it for a while now but didn´t use it much. I have few in my drawer organized by season and I don´t know why but I was quite loyal to Angel by Thierry Mugler in the winter and then tried this one day and fell in love. It is not easy to describe the smell so I´ll just say few adjectives like: intensive, luxurious, floral- wooden aroma and super feminine. Visit your local drugstore/perfume shop and smell for yourself:)!
6. NAKED CHERRY by Urban Decay 45: Again nothing new, I talked about this palette already but it still is my most used eyeshadow palette. I love the quality of the shades, they are easy to blend and combine (as you can see from the picture I do use them almost every day for about a year now). I tried other Naked´s but Cherry is my favourite for sure! The pink undertones and shimmery shades is all I need in the spring:)!
My top favourites ones are: BANG BANG, TURN ON, DEVILISH AND YOUNG LOVE.
I hope this aesthetically pleasing beauty post cheered you up a bit and I cannot wish you anything else at the end just stay safe and sound!
I honestly pray for all the people suffering around the world now, I know life is not just pretty and pink but we can all make it better together.

Lots of Love

By Lesi Lee

Life update🙋🏻‍♀️💗

Hi lovelies, how are you all doing? I am sorry for not posting that much now, everything but blogging keeps me busy😏. On January, I started my dream job❤️ (teaching English at the Montessori nursery) and I haven’t had much time ever since. However, I don’t want to complain, it is one of the best things that ever happened to me and I wake up happy and excited every morning. My weekends are kind of busy too, I am still studying at the college (online course). Even though, I am starting to travel and write more once the weather gets a bit better (rain/snow/wind is very common here in 🇸🇰 now).

My travel plans for this year include: IBIZA, DUBAI, Croatia and perhaps Portugal🤩 so I can’t wait for it. Let me know where are you going this summer, I’d love to hear your tips and recommendations😘😍.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and until next time🙋🏻‍♀️…

Lots of Love

By Lesi Lee💗💕🦩

🤍❄️💁🏻‍♀️Snow White series: Once, there was a princess…

🙋🏻‍♀️Hello everyone, happy Sunday!

Are you enjoying the weather wherever you are right now? Is it cold, snowy❄️, rainy or sunny🌞 in your country? Well, here in Slovakia🇸🇰, the winter really kicked off this week and I am super excited to shoot another post from Snow White series. Everything just looks so magical in white, doesn’t it?🤍Including the outfits…

Recently, I have been trying to avoid pink 💗 cause I don’t want to look like a giant pink snowman in this weather🤦🏻‍♀️😂…

If you read my previous post, you probably already know that white colour is a great choice and can be combined with anything. I chose this beautiful ice blue colour winter coat which is very warm, chic and cozy. I have the same colour o’bag and it looks so girlie and cute together, right? I honestly think that these colours suit everyone💙🤍❄️.

Long creamy knitted sweater and a matching hat are perfect combination. I might buy more knitted pieces cause they are versatile, last ages and never get out of fashion…

Tone on tone🤍

Wearing similar colour pieces and layering is the only way how to look great and not freeze in this cold weather. If you take a close look at my outfit, you can see light blue, grey, white and creamy. The older I get, the more I realize that tone on tone outfits look much better and put together. Do not be afraid to take different kinds of grey, beige or even nude pink pieces. Just keep in mind that more (layers) is less (cold) and health is always the most important.

Some of the rules I follow recently:

1. Stay cosy and warm!

2. Matchy matchy!

3. Nude lips in the winter👄!

4. Shoot outfits in the snow🌨❄️😂!

5. Look like a Snow White and act like a princess!👸🏻

☃️🤍❄️Cool and bright…Snow heart🤍Thanks for reading and let me know how you like these new fashion series💁🏻‍♀️!

In the meantime,

Lots of Love

By Lesi Lee🙋🏻‍♀️💗💕🌸

💄💋❤️My vanity table

Raise your hand if you’re a beautyholic like me!🙋🏻‍♀️

Today, I am going to share my current situation at home. I mean my beauty/ makeup situation💄😂 of course… I don’t know why but I always loved pics and videos of people sharing their home stations and beauty products. It is kind of exciting to see a piece of privacy in this insta- oriented (only show the great stuff) world.

Let’s start with all the organizers and decor. From left to right: black sandal wood candle Primark, white bird key holder (used for bracelets) John Lewis, marble treys Primark, white flower pots Ikea, transparent makeup holders Amazon, personalized profile from Croatia💁🏻‍♀️, picture frame Ikea, vanity mirror Ikea and last but not least black jewellery organizer Ikea.

I wanted to keep it minimalistic (black and white). To be honest, I use this table for studying or working on PC as well so it is not just a makeup vanity.

DSC_0344DSC_0345I’d like to have my favourite parfumes here so I can just grab them any time. La vie est belle by Lancome, Miss Cherie by Dior and Daisy by Marc Jacobs have been my loves since I was a teenager💁🏻‍♀️. Their fresh floral and feminine smell is what makes them so unique.DSC_0346Brushes, eyeliners and all the other tools have their own place in the pretty pots. I have Zoewa, Makeup revolution, Essence, NYX, etc.

When it comes to lipsticks, OH YEAH!!! I do have an obsession but how could I not? Kylie cosmetics, NYX, Pupa, Maybelline, Mark by Avon and many more belong to my precious collection. I also have some mascaras (Pupa, Dr. Belter, Maybelline, Chanel, Bourjois, L’oreal). Concealers and setting spray are also part of my vanity. DSC_0347DSC_0348I like when it’s all organized cause you know how messy can the makeup get sometimes😩. I try to keep it tidy and throw things I don’t use regularly. However, the problem is that there is way too much in the shops and you want to buy new and new stuff all the time. But we only have one face😱😏☹️ so let’s reduce the waste and only buy what we actually need! I’ll try to do it as well, promise😉!DSC_0351I hope you enjoyed this beauty post cause I really did. Talking about makeup and all that good stuff is one of the things I am very passionate about and I guess it is not just me. I am planning to write more and more so come back soon, ok? Till then…

Lots of Love,

By Lesi Lee

💙☀️🏝Drvenik: Hidden treasure of Croatia

Hello everyone🙋🏻‍♀️💗!

Would you like a bit of sunshine☀️ on this gloomy January day🌨? Well, I can take you on a virtual vacation to Croatia where I spent 2 lovely weeks in the summer. As you probably already know, I love travelling so much, especially in the summer. Long warm days, sand in the shoes, vitamin sea and endless relax on the beach. I honestly can’t think of anything better when I look outside the window and see the below zero temperature and snow everywhere. As I said before, winter has its magic but not when you live in a big city with no mountains or ski resorts😩❄️.

What, where and why?

Before I visited this place, I had absolutely no idea where it was and how it looked like. We used to go to all the typical Croatian tourist destinations like Zadar, Biograd or Poreč but it was just about time to explore the unknown part of this beautiful and often underestimated country. Well, I am so glad we did💙. Drvenik is located an hour from a popular city of Makarska. Even though it is a small village, it offers a variety of restaurants, bars and shops. You can do lots of sightseing, trips to local national parks, hiking and many more activities. It is also possible to take a ferry to other beautiful islands like Hvar or Korčula.

We came with a car (which is quite common in our countries) because it is not even 10 hours from Slovakia but you can easily fly to the nearby cities like Split or Hvar. We stayed in a 4*star hotel but there are also cheaper options like apartments (me and my family were just too lazy to cook you know😏). Drvenik is not that overcrowded yet so the beach is very quiet and the sea is literally crystal clear🌊. Look at the pictures and absorb the beauty!💙DSC_0329DSC_0330DSC_0333DSC_0337DSC_0338DSC_0339DSC_0348DSC_0350Posing with a lovely background!DSC_0360DSC_0367DSC_0368These views are just breathtaking! Mother nature did a great job once again!DSC_0385The promenade next to the sea is truly magical. You can stop by for a delicious pizza or buy some homemade oils and souvenirs. There is something to do for everyone but I personally prefer just lying on the beach and relaxing😌💗. Hopefully, I will have a chance to visit Croatia again cause there is way too much hidden beauty that the country offers. DSC_0386DSC_0393DSC_0433DSC_0621This pic is from our trip to Hvar which was also beautiful but quite touristy. The ferry from Drvenik leaves twice a day and it takes less than 30 mins to get there. DSC_0688DSC_0689DSC_0690And at the end, just a few of my floral shots in the beautiful nude pink dress! I really did feel like a fairy💗💁🏻‍♀️!

So is Croatia on your bucket list? Let me know! And until next time,

💗Lots of Love💗

By Lesi Lee🙋🏻‍♀️

❄️⛄️🌨Snow White Series: The reasons I like wearing white in the winter🤍

Hello my beautiful friends,

how are you all doing this year so far? Are you enjoying the beautiful but cold weather? I am more of a summer person but I must admit that the magic of winter and snow is getting under my skin. As one of my followers said: There is this particular beauty in white… It also has a calming effect and that is why I decided to have more winter holidays in the mountains (not just summer vacation).

Anyway, I was thinking about the content for my blog and because of my major focus on travelling last year, I kind of want to balance it all (fashion, beauty, travel) now. So I came up with the idea of fashion series inspired by Snow White. What do you think? Do we have anything in common? Well, certainly love for fashion and apples, xixi…

Let´s start with some winter clothing trends!

1. More is not less. Never underestimate the chilly weather and layer up your outfit. You don´t have to look like an onion, believe me! Cute sweater and a hat or big scarf can make everyone look like a celebrity!

2. Tone on tone. Colours of every winter season are about the same. Grey, black, same old same old. Try to pair similar shades and create a monochromatic look! They are always a good idea.

3. Headbands and fluffy ear covers. If you don´t live under the rock, you definitely noticed that these accessories absolutely do the job this season. They are not just super warm but also add a nice pretty detail and complete the look. So cute, isn´t it?

4. To oversize or not to oversize? When it comes to the coats, it is always better to go a size up cause you can easily squeeze more layers underneath and it looks tres chic! The same goes for the turtleneck pullovers or cardigans but be careful about the scarfs. Too many loose items can create a hanging curtain/ homeless effect!

5. Last but not least leggings! My favourites are thick black thighs and I wear them literally all the time. They are just comfy, keep everything in place and go with any sweater or a knitted dress. I love this trend so much!

Why white?

Even though my all time favourite is pink, I do love wearing white in the winter. It just goes well with the pale skin we all currently have (except the ones who don´t) and contrasts nicely with the actual white sky and snowy surrounding. White is also a colour of cleanliness and hope so wearing white clothes may bring the angel vibes in you so do not be afraid to stand out and pick few white or creamy items from your wardrobe just like I did in this photoshoot. I combined it with a brown Russian inspired jacket and ta daaa: here it the result!DSC_1055DSC_1056DSC_1058DSC_1063Few centimeters of snow and all the kids here in Slovakia (including me) are being crazy.DSC_1061DSC_1067DSC_1069Tone on tone…DSC_1072DSC_1073I went for a bright red lipstick and silver eyeliner which contrasts nicely with the white outfit. I generally use less makeup in the winter but I really wanted to achieve that Snow White look here. DSC_1076Snow White or a snowman?DSC_1080These pics are so pretty, better than an apple right?DSC_1081DSC_1082Thank you so much for reading my blog and until next time: Enjoy this cold season and stay warm but chic!

Lots of Love,

By Lesi Lee