24 hours in Prague

dsc_0282dsc_0290dsc_0353Not the first time in Prague, obviously… Maybe, that is the reason why I did not want to see all the usual places like the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle or the famous Wenceslas Square. Surely, these places are historically important and interesting for tourists but I wanted to get more from Prague. I spent a day looking for something different.dsc_0371dsc_0372dsc_0377dsc_0384  As you can see from the photos, there is so much hidden in Prague. All of these colourful insta- buildings just scream for your attention. Stroll around and take pictures!dsc_0352The best ice-cream in Prague is definitely the one you get in the shape of rose in Amorino. So pretty and delicious!dsc_0316dsc_0329dsc_0330dsc_0332Another place I felt in love with is the Wallenstein garden. No need to comment it, look at the photos!dsc_0324dsc_0333dsc_0337Is one day not enough? I managed to explore, relax and enjoy this little getaway. Coming back soon…

Sicilian fairytale

August 2015, Cefalu, SicilyDSC_0750  Yes! I am addicted to travelling. And yes! Everywhere I go, I want to stay and live there forever. But this place totally got under my skin last summer. It is just so picturesque and colorful!DSC_0751And the sea screams: Jump and swim!DSC_0745The houses in Cefalu are located on the reefs next to the sea. Ooh, these views!DSC_0756DSC_0771The public beach is very clean and pretty. DSC_0768DSC_0565The sicilian shops offer amazing handmade products. DSC_0566I definitely want to come back one day. The italian food, culture, people, towns. All of it is perfect. You just need to experience it!DSC_0723To travel is to live!

Sidi Bou Said: Tunisian town of poets

DSC_0201This little town with white houses and blue windows got popular because of the movie Angelique and the Sultan which was shot here in the 60´s. But it is not the only reason why is Sidi Bou Said visited by thousands of tourists every day. DSC_0205In the past, many famous poets and paintors lived here. You can say that the streets of Sidi Bou Said looked like the ones of Montmartre in Paris. DSC_0148It is just so easy to fall in love…DSC_0137DSC_0135The houses cost so much here that only millionaires can actually afford it. I ´m not surprised. Who would not want to live in a romantic town like this? DSC_0216And who will buy me a house:D?DSC_0157The interior is traditionally arabic and full of antiques. It is the most beautiful part of the property.