Floral dress

Florals? For summer? Groundbreaking!!! I just had to put this famous paraphrase from Devil wears Prada into the post. The summer is slowly ending and I realized that I have not worn so many dresses yet! But first things first, let´s talk about this beautiful maxi floral dress from Italy. The combo of colors, pattern, material, shape, everything about it is great and when I say everything, I really mean it…DSC_0475Maxi dress and sandals are perfect for the warm summer strolls…DSC_0457Florals are quite significant so no extra jewellery is needed. I just paired it with a small white crossbody bag and some simple opalite bracelets which are my favourite this season.DSC_0470Yellow eyeliner? Why not? It is chic, fresh and so cuuute! This look was created with the following products: Rimmel Perfection foundation 200, L.A.Girl concealer Porcelain, W7 Hoola bronzer, Koko K liquid lipstick Kylie cosmetics, Botanical color eye pencil 13 Citron Yves Rocher, White Jumbo pencil NYX, Lots of lashes mascara MaybellineDSC_0482DSC_0473DSC_0456DSC_0460Not dancing just turning around and looking creepy:DDSC_0452This is probably one of my favourite looks and I really hope that summer will last a little longer so I can rock these types of outfits more. DSC_0463I hope you liked this fashion post and until next time,

Lots of love

By Lesi Lee

Postcards from Hvar

Long time, no see… I know. Everything except blogging keeps me busy. Anyway, I am back from my holidays in Croatia and excited to share my summer adventures. DSC_0483It all started on the ferry from Drvenik (where we stayed for a week) to Sučuraj. It did not take long but the views I got to see were incredible. Mountains, sea and the yachts looked like cut from a very kitshy poster.DSC_0495Arriving to Sučuraj, there is a lovely lighthouse right next to the sea. Since we wanted to see the capital city of Hvar (which is also called Hvar unexpectedly:D), we had to travel through the whole island. The roads are really zigzag in there so my stomach was not too happy about it.DSC_0508Anyway, the goal was worth it. City of Hvar lies near the sea but is also surrounded by mountains. The dominant part is this beautiful ancient castle (where we did not go due to a very high temperature and laziness :D). DSC_0521Hvar is one of the most favourite destinations for American tourists (even Beyonce comes here often). DSC_0525Unfortunately, I have not met her…DSC_0536But what I saw and enjoyed was the view from the roof top. The architecture of the city mostly consists of the old stone houses and narrow streets with cafés, shops and restaurants. It was literally like 100 degrees so I used every chance to hide from the sun and blend in the tiny shady corners. DSC_0566DSC_0539The ships come and go every minute during the summer season.DSC_0546DSC_0542Postcards from Hvar…DSC_0560The painting of locals…DSC_0561Cute colorful flower pots on the walls…DSC_0562DSC_0563Exclusive designer shoes…DSC_0564This is what Hvar has to offer. And even more…DSC_0567I found this cutie hiding from the sun so I took a picture of her. Isn´t she adorable?DSC_0577When we left the capital, we continued our journey to other towns like Starigrad and Jelsa. But they are not by far as pretty as this one. Croatia has around 1000 islands but Hvar is considered to be the most beautiful, colourful and magical by many people. And I have to agree, this trip was a highlight of my summer for sure.DSC_0578Thank you for reading and till the next post, have a great summer and lots of love!

By Lesi Lee