Carli Bybel Anastasia Beverly hills palette review

Happy Monday to all the pink lovers out there!

I recently bought this beautiful eyeshadow palette ( £46) so if you want to know more, here is my opinion:).

This product has been promoted a lot in the past months on the social media and as soon as I saw it, I had to have it (not like I need it)… I really loved the first eyeshadow collection from Carli Bybel the Deluxe palette (BH cosmetics) and I still use it on every day basis. And once again, I am not disappointed! The formula is highly pigmented especially the shimmery shades. The application is smooth, blending as well and you can go from very neutral every day makeup look to an evening occassion one. The variety of shades is just unique!

Also, it is totally worth the money cause you get 14 shades plus the brush all in a cute packaging. img_7894The brush has both sides but I personally prefer using my fingers for a thick shimmery eyeshadow application, well anyway, it is quite good for blending though and creating the crease on the eyes. I would rate the brush 7/10. The first 7 shades have more of a cool undertone (BOLI, BYBEL, MANDALA, LIBRA, JODE, OA, BOIE). There are 4 matte shades and 3 shimmerry pigments. I personally really like the purplish/pearl one called MANDALA. The first one from the left can also be used as a  highlighter or the eyeshadow base. The quality is so good, the matte ones don´t look too powdery and the pressed pigments are not sticky at all. The other half of the palette is my favourite! I love all the warm shades, they are easily combined, neutral and great for summer/autumn season.The names are: BEAR, MOO, CHAI, CINDY, STEV, AURA and MY ANGELS. As Carli explained in her video, most of the names are her cat´s names or nicknames of her family members. My top shade is the rose gold pigment MOO (the second from left). It makes my eyes look more awake, dewy, glowy and this shade goes with any outfit, I swear!When it comes to packaging, it is so pretty you just want to put it on a shelf as a decorative piece and never touch it again. It can also be a nice statement on a dressing table/beauty corner. Loooove it so much and not just because it is pink. The pearls have a 3D glittery structure which is super cool and rose gold writing and details add a bit of fancy vibe too. 11/10 for sure:DDD. Great job Carli x Anastasia!I can´t wait to create some mesmerizing shimmery looks with this palette. It definitely is a must-have! More about beauty and fashion is coming soon (as soon as I am back in London, hopefully) so keep checking out my blog! Thanks for reading and talk to you again soon.

xxx Lots of Love xxx

        By Lesi Lee

Cotton candy beach huts🍡💗

Hi guys, I hope you are having a nice and calm Sunday cause I am not:D. Just came back from London where I only spent 2 quick days seing my boo. Time passes extremely fast when you are happy/ travel and explore new places…

This weekend, we decided to go to Mersea island (2 hour drive from London). To be honest, I only know this place from Instagram but it is really as pretty as the pics. These pastel houses are literally the cutest/doll/candy/ insta call them whatever you want. Each one is original and yet similar.The strong wind made it almost impossible to take a good pic even though it was quite warm and sunny for October.The beach was absolutely empty so we took a nice walk.I could not take my eyes off them… Super lovely! You just want to eat them/ live there like a doll.Which one is your favourite:)?All smiley cause I found my pink paradise:).I did not really know what to wear cause my closet is kind of in the boxes at the moment but I knew it had to be pink:). So this pastel cardigan with the bird pattern (H&M) made me merge with the surrounding. (Light pink leather boots DEICHMANN)This is my fave pic… I can´t even guess how many of them there is.When on beach…If you are looking for a day trip outside London, Mersea island is a great place. You can also find there beautiful countryside, beaches, parks and all that good stuff. More from the weekend on the blog very very soon:).

Until then,

xxx Lots of love xxx


Château- d’Oex: The cutest village of Vaud❤️

Hi guys🙋🏻‍♀️!

Thank you so much for reading another of my travel posts✈️🌍. I have been wandering around a lot recently and I can’t wait to share my thoughts about the place I visited last week. Without any further delay, let’s get into it!5/10/19 Saturday, Lausanne: National park- Parc Gruyére had been on my bucket list for a while but I wasn´t sure where exactly to go… And then my other half came and decided instead of me so we just put the name Chateau d´Oex in the GPS and hit the road… It took us less than 2 hours to get there from Lausanne and the landscapes we saw on the way were simply breathtaking. As soon as we reached the park, the air changed, cows appeared and that moment, I knew I saw the real Switzerland:)…We stopped to see this little waterfalls and an amazing turqouise lake on the way. Look at that colour of the lake! Maldives can be really ashamed!A bit personal but cute smiley pic of me and my love/ travel buddy… We just loved this trip from the beginning to an end.One thing I always notice when travelling is the architecture and these wooden cottages really got under my skin. I just wanted to photograph them and admire.So pretty, isn´t it?For those of you who didn´t know, the first hot-air balloon flight around the world started its journey in this village and took 20 days. They flew almost 43,000 km. Absolutely marvellous!Back to our trip… In the middle of the village, there is a small church on a hill with a fountain and a cute squirrel sculpture.And a clock tower of course.This is a view from the area around the church.So picturesque, you want to stay there and live!Fog in the back but smile on a face…The weather was not the best, it was raining almost every 10 minutes but we wanted to go up up up up…Except the many cows we saw, there were also huge grasslands. I guess I am not the only one who compares the shade of green anywhere I go, but this green was just (OH MY) sooo pretty green! Does that sound weird? Anyway, we walked for an hour or so and admired the surrounding.Another traditional wooden cottage.Due to the windy and rainy weather, we couldn´t get to the peak of the mountain but we did lovely 15km which was accurate for a 1 day trip. Later, we had a lunch in one of the local restaurants, visited the tourist centre/ souvenir shop and went back home in the afternoon. I honestly loved all about this place, so calm, peaceful and pretty… I cannot wait to go hiking this weekend as well. There is so much to see here…

I hope you have a chance to visit Switzerland one day because it really is a magical place… Two months here and I am in love… I say it often right? Well, that is a destiny of a travel addict, I guess😃.

Take care, enjoy your life and until next time

xxx Lots of Love xxx

By Lesi Lee💁🏻‍♀️