48 hours in Madrid

Ola ola from Madrid🇪🇸❤️🙋🏻‍♀️😍!

Before I start with the usual stuff like: how lovely this city is and how many pink houses there are, I have to tell you that I live in Switzerland (Lausanne) at the moment. It is just a temporary work solution but travelling became a bit more complicated for me. You probably know that Swiss is not a cheap country to live in and also flying from and to Geneva might get quite expensive. Anyway, because I am here and my beloved one is not, we had to come up with a way how to see each other and do not bankrupt. So here we are! Madrid, Spain, not even 48 hours, no stress… (We decided to meet every 2 weeks and always somewhere else. It is romantic and hectic at the same time!)

24/08/19 Somewhere over Swiss: ✈️Flying with Iberia for the first time! Had a lovely flight, no sickness, and the view😍❤️! Airport Madrid: I bought Evian right after the arrival and what really made my day was this limited edition bottle. I come from Slovakia🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰 but they only had Czech, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus. Czech has always been very close to my heart🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿 so I got this one😍. Let´s talk about Madrid finally!El Retiro park: After getting to the city centre (30 mins by bus and metro), we saw this stunning fountain and reflection of the cathedral in it. First stop was obvious then…Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of it which is sad but I know it is right next to El Retiro park.This Roman catholic church seemed even more beautiful from the inside.We came just before the end of the mass so we sat still for a bit and admired the beauty.There is actually a wide road between El Retiro park and the mentioned cathedral. (The arc in the end reminds me of Champs- Elyseés.)El Retiro park is much more fun than Hyde park! Lots of hidden corners, cafés, lakes and what I loved the most was Monumento a Alfonso XII (pictures below). I just wanted to stroll between the arches and take a gazillion pics of course.I will rather not go into the details of me climbing up (footage was destroyed right after the act:D).We only waited like 30 mins to take a great photo without any people. So worth it!Such a majestic place!View from the other side of the park.Later, we discovered another beautiful part of the park, Crystal palace with its mesmerizing white sculptures. (And I was wondering why my boyfriend stared at this one for such a long time…)It was actually boiling hot inside (greenhouse effect).Masses of tourists everywhere… Impossible to take a nice shot:( but at least the sculptures posed well.We got a bit tired after seeing the palace so just chilled and watched the turtles for a while. Can you spot any?Crystal palace from the outside.When I get Mojito– thirsty, I just have to have it right away! It is my new summer addiction, wheeey! (Actually, I ordered many of them in Italy but none of them was so nice and sweet like this one. Spanish can do it better!)We stayed in Hotel Ganivet, had a quick shower, changed clothes and chop chop to explore Madrid!I have a special 6th sense for pink houses, that is why I found some right after leaving the hotel:).We strayed into a´this nice street with Tapas restaurants and had a lovely dinner & mojitos of course.Veggie yummy for my tummy:)To be honest, Madrid is not that big. Two days are absolutely fine to see all the important places.Catedral de Santa MariaPalacio Real de MadridAtmosphere here around 7pm on Saturday was simply magical. Song Lost on you by LP performed by amazing local artists, sunset, these beautiful historical buildings, 2 mojitos in the belly and love of your love holding your hand… What else can you ask for?Inside the cathedralHuge, gothic and majestic!Of course I had to have a photo on the stairs.Plaza de Espaňa: the tallest building in Madrid, famous luxurious hotel but only a house for us passing by and looking at a very long que to get upstairs.Receptionist at the hotel recommended us to go to the Temple and see the view and sunset but because of my slow walking and ice cream shop on the way, we came late and this is the best shot I´ve got:/.25/08/19 Hotel Ganivet: Delicious breakfast, full belly and so ready for our Sunday in Madrid:).So many cute streets everywhere…Lovin this one too much…Rockin it in my new green dress from Mulaya with the cutest pom poms!!!Discovering amazing Sunday markets:).Where you can buy probably anything…These flamenco dresses!Beautiful desings…This wall art!And this dress!!!Spanish vibes everywhere…Hand made summer clothes…Pretty pink door covers…It all felt like a Latin dream. After recovering from a shopaholic extasy, Plaza de Mayor (and the ice cream) awaits…These buildings remind me of other European capitals like Paris, Vienna or even London.But that exotic Spanish air (40 degrees and boiling I mean) is unmistakable.And we are slowly going back to the place where we started this little big journey.Last Spanish MOJITO in El Retiro park…Just before going to the airport, I wanted to see my fave place again and pose in the new snake print skirt by Mulaya.Thinking about how lucky I am to see so many beautiful places.Tired but happy face.Just a random pic from the park at the end…

TO SUM UP: Honestly, I fell in love with Madrid very quickly… I cannot wait to go back to Spain later this month for Santiago de Compostella walk |more about that later|. Its colours, taste and life truly inspires and I finally get what Hemingway meant by: I have never been to a city where there is less reason to go to bed and if I did go to bed, to sleep… E.H. about Madrid

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and will come back for more soon…

xxx Lots of love xxx

By Lesi Lee

Italy roadtrip: Part 2- Amalfi coast, Salerno, Positano

And the adventure continues… I must admit that the west coast of Italy is like a dream. My dream… The sea views, colourful houses, lots of ice cream. What else could I ask for?

Day 3 of our Italy road trip: After a long journey throughout the outback, we arrived to a beautiful city of Salerno in the evening. We stayed in B&B near the sea which was super cute and affordable (14 Leoni).We went for a night stroll later, had some pizza or pasta (can´t remember) on the main promenade and enjoyed a romantic walk next to the sea.

You would never believe that this city was founded many years BC. Salerno seems like a modern touristy place. It has a vibrant centre, lots of restaurants and cafes, beautiful long beaches and primarily amazing ceramics factories. img_3862img_3854Tyrrhenian sea and the port in Salerno.img_3833Picturesque tiles everywhere… So pretty!img_3784I have to buy a magnet everywhere I go as a souvenir. And these ones are all handmade in the local factory.img_3837When life gives you lemons… Especially the Italian ones:)img_3835Make a lemonade or just eat them! The quality and taste is incomparably better, all fresh and local fruit and veggies. It is also super affordable, this is what I call: My kind of paradise:)img_4033When speaking about paradise… (Day 4: Amalfi and Positano)img_3863Amalfi and Positano are towns right next to each other, quite similar actually… img_4026But I chose to see Positano because it had been on my bucket list (thanks to Instagram) for a while. We came around lunch time and it was already packed with tourists which is kind of obvious but I was still hoping it would not be that bad. You need to leave a car quite far from the beach and then take loooots of stairs to get to the bottom where all the narrow streets, shops and restaurants are.img_3954We found this amazing spot by an accident, but I could not be happier. Perfect for seing all in once (sea, town, beach, everything).img_3974The houses are built on the reefs which creates a beautiful view. But I guess, I would not want to go up and down every day:D…img_4004I found this insta-pinky corner for a photo in my new dress from Salerno.img_4019And also a pink house… Obviously…img_3963And some pink ibiscus:)img_3982And this sleeping cutie on the stairs:)img_3951img_3993The beach was overcrowded so we only stayed there for an hour or so and had some snack. I wanted to see the typical shops and buy a magnet, of course.img_3985And when I saw all of this beautiful ceramics with lemon deco, I wanted to buy a house and decorate it straight away:D. img_3988img_3984img_3990img_3999This table was simply love at the first sight… I am planning to buy it one day and put it in my dining room.

Overall, Positano was amazing and I am really glad we had a chance to see it. The prices are much higher than in Salerno of course but place as such is definitely worth it. If you want to know more about our road trip and where we went next, stay tuned for another blog post…

Thanks a lot for reading and once again,

xxx Lots of Love xxx

By Lesi Lee

Italy roadtrip: Part 1- Bologna, Rimini, Pescara

Buongiorno everyone!

I cannot believe the summer is already over… Holidays always pass quicker than any other part of the year, that is life I guess. But I do not want to complain at all! I enjoyed this summer a looot, first Sardinia, then this amazing roadtrip through Italy and where I went after that, you will see in another blog post.


But first things first… It all started on 31/07 in Bologna… Do you want to know why we chose this city? Well, I have to admit that Ryanair surprised with the cheapest flight again and it only cost 10 euros (Bratislava- Bologna). I reunited with my beloved one there and we rent a car at the airport (which is btw much more expensive than a flight to New York, I suppose). We stayed in a nice hotel- 20 mins from the city centre (which we booked via booking.com) and next day, the adventure started. Bologna is a historic capital of northern Italy for sure. Its centre with arched colonnades, cafes, renaissance buildings will definitely charm all the visitors. It took us just a couple of hours to walk through the city and we saw all the most important parts of this beauty. Honestly, I could not be more happier about the starting point. Add Bologna to your bucket list, guys!img_3517This fountaine with the beautiful stairs seemed like an entrance to the historic centre. It fascinated us so badly that we took a gazillion pictures and just sat and chilled there for a little bit. (featured image taken there as well)Lots of orange and yellow buildings…Piazza Maggiore is the main square of Bologna.We threw some coins into the Fountain of Neptune for luck and continued to the beautiful Basilica di San Petronio.I have this thing with the door entrances… So pretty!Shame, we could not stay till the evening open air cinema.But we climbed up the tower of Basilica and the view was so beautiful! Look at these red roofs! Italy is known for the big amount of fountains and I am sure I saw at least 5 in Bologna.Let´s take a moment and appreciate beauty of these arches. I fell in love. Honestly, never seen anything like this before.These details… They always look a bit different in each arch.I´ve got like 6 videos from here (dancing/walking/spinning in the skirt:D).You can also find some religious motifs on the walls.My favourite part of Bologna is this typical Italian street. It doesn´t seem like much but its cuteness totally got me. (I have this thing with the Italian streets as well:D)We also found an amazing spot to eat. I highly recommend this Pasticceria.All fresh and yummy! And that Bio Cola was (how to describe it) simply indescribable. It had nothing to do with the usual Coke, we know.There are two of them, actually. Asinelli towers or Le due Torri are the symbol of Bologna. They are located in the wider centre and you can climb up if you want (which we did not know:D and it was too hot anyway:D).I had to take a pic of these beauties. Found a cute little shop with handmade jewellery  under the towers (but the prices were ouuch!).Matching with the yellow wall:)We tried pasta, tiramisu and ice cream the first day and all of it was typically Italian delicious.We continued to Rimini so we could swim in the sea after a tasty lunch and the water was just yummy/ warm/ clean/ want to stay there forever:D It was not busy at the beach either which is unexpected for the longest one in Europe.Some poses with the attractions in the back.After a nice relax at the beach, evening stroll in the centre of Rimini, Very quiet, small and cute town.I really like this tower with 2 clocks.And the castle at night…We arrived to Pescara very late that night so just slept a bit and woke up early to enjoy a nice swimming in the warm sea again. It started raining suddenly so we just had breakfast and hit the road once again. The worst part was to get from the east coast to the west coast of Italy… Hours and hours in the car, some sickness on the way but it was all worth it. You will see it very soon…

Our adventure continues…

xxx Lots of love xxx

By Lesi Lee

Sardinia- Travel diary: Alghero, Fertilia, Cappo Caccia

Hello everyone,

I just came back from this year’s first holidays and I am super excited to share some tips and pics with you.

3 months ago, I decided the destination. Sicily was beautiful so why not visit that island close by? I wanted to have different holidays this time as well. No 5* hotels, all inclusive nor luxury. It was actually quite inexpensive when you consider the fact that I booked the accomodation through Airbnb and the flight tickets via Ryanair.


The flight only takes 1 hour and 45 mins which is relatively close. It is an Itallien island which means no visa or currency exchange. You can fly to 3 destinations from Slovakia: Alghero, Olbia or Cagliari. Alghero is in the west part of the island and is very close to the airport.


We stayed in the small village called Fertilia which is located just 15 mins by bus from Alghero. It was a quiet place where you could only meet people in the evening. Fertilia is not a typical touristy crowded destination. In fact, it only has 3 restaurants, 2 cafés, 1 supermarket and 1 fancy hotel, hovewer you can find lots of lovely private accomodations here.


The beach we visited the most often is called Punta Negra and is situated in a lagoon in Fertilia. It definitely has the clearest and warmest sea in the area. As you probably saw on my Instagram, the water is what I call turqouise and the sand is very soft and bright. Half of this beach belongs to the one and only hotel in Fertilia but the other part is for public use. I strongly recommend bringing your own food, drinks and sun umbrella cause there is no bar or restaurant and most importantly no shade😃.

Another beach we visited is well known Maria Pia. To be honest, it was a big disappointment for me as I saw the pics from the beach before and expected something totally different. The sea was quite dirty, the beach was full of natural rubbish from the sea and the smell (probably from canalization) I do not need to comment.

What I really liked on the other hand was a beach situated 45 mins from Fertilia called Bombarde. It is one of the most popular beaches in the area so the amount of people can be a bit overwhelming but Bombarde has got everything you need. Clean sea, lots od bars and restauants, toilets/showers and beach sellers offering everything and anything😃.


I am a street wanderer when it comes to exploring unknown town and Alghero definitely is a cutie pie. This place has got so many alleys that you can go there every day and still find a new narrow street. The food is brilliant here as well and gelato💜🍦💙😍, oh my! Yet small but quite busy city centre also offers satisfaction for shopaholics (souvenirs, elegant mode, underwear/swimwear, simply anything you can dream of) all made in Italy of course🇮🇹. You can also take trips to different places like Grotto di Nettuno, La Pelosa etc. I truly liked this place and definitely want to come back soon.


We only stayed in Sardinia for a week which is not that long if you don’t rent a car so we took just one trip. I knew I wanted to see the Neptun’s cave before and I knew I wouldn’t regret. There are 2 ways how to get to Cappo Caccia, by boat or bus. We took a boat from Alghero (15€ pp) and it took around 45 mins. I enjoyed the ride, the view is simply mesmerizing, I swear! You need to pay for the entrance separately (12€) and if you don’t want to wait for hours in a que, go early in the morning and during the week if possible. It is hard to describe the beauty of the cave, you need to see for yourself, but I am so glad I visited this place😉🥰.

I hope you liked this post and I am looking forward to write more stuff very very soon as I am planning few more trips this summer.

Lots of love,

By Lesi Lee

Room tour & how I organize my makeup

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This is pretty cool, huh?! I am just about to share the most favourite and also the most personal part of my life… I hope you will like all that aesthetically pleasing stuff and thank you so much for stopping by…

Let´s start with some general info! I moved to this flat on April and it has been love ever since… I just love coming back here from work. And my room? It is like my own oasis, heaven, hideaway, anything and everything. It might sound materialistic but it is very important to feel good at the place where you sleep and live…  The flat itself is quite spacious, bright and warm so it was not too difficult to make it a bit more cosy. This is my London baby!

When you enter the room, this is what you will see. My bed is from IKEA and I absolutely love the design. The quality of bed could have been better but what would I want for 80 pounds, right?! It is a regular double bed (not sure about the exact measurements), suitable for one or couple (if the guys feet are not too long:D). Haha… Anyway, I keep changing the bedding all the time but this one is new and there are pink peonies, my favourites! (From Morrisons) The pink bunny, I got last year around Christmas (from Clintons) and it is my favourite thing in the whole world:).  The little dream catcher, I got from my aunt. DSC_0310.JPGDSC_0315DSC_0311.JPGI bought these beautiful roses yesterday and put them next to my bed on a small night table (Ikea). I do not like having too much stuff there: book, flowers and phone is just enough.

On the window desk, I have some plants, books, pink Eiffel tower from Paris, crystal heart, ceramic bunnies also from Paris, Primark cherry blossom candle (smells soooooo good), piece of wood that I found on the Wreck beach in Vancouver and a small box with another candle:D… Lovely still life, isn´t it?DSC_0296DSC_0298DSC_0299DSC_0297One of my favourite books Pretty City London is a great inspiration for all the insta freaks living or visiting this city. I also have some baking books, journals etc. Opposite the window, there is a chest of drawers and clothing rack right next to it (both Ikea). They are very practical and fit perfectly into the style and size of the room.

And the most interesting part at the end- my vanity area! Wooohoooo! I just recently changed some bits and pieces and reorganized it so I hope you love it as much as I do. It might seem like a lot of gold together but it adds little bit of shimmers into the room. Do you agree?DSC_0323DSC_0320.JPGRose gold is the best!DSC_0321Another candle (because I am obsessed with them) is from Primark. My all time favourite scent- Fig blossom! Yummyyy! The golden jewellery stand with marble base is from Debenhams just like the tray and brush holder. DSC_0322I put all of my everyday skin care products and foundations together. DSC_0324I split all the brushes that I use and also the most used lipsticks into this cute holder. It looks very organized and clean.  (Just in case you didn´t kow, Matte liquid lipsticks from Kylie cosmetics have been my must-haves for over 2 years now.)DSC_0325Brushes (BH cosmetics)DSC_0326From left: Diorskin Forever primer, Dior Forever foundation, Estée Lauder Double Wear, Nuxe body dry oil, Just pink by Next, Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf, Clinique moisturize surge gel, Dior samples, Balmi lip balm Topshop.DSC_0327And last but not least, some wall art of course! This poster with the painting by Marie Laurenrin is just perfection itself. Combination of the pinkish and grey shades creates a beautiful harmony. I got it in Musée de l´Orangerie in Paris this summer. DSC_0304When I wake up in the morning, I need some motivation from tim to time so I put this map on the wall opposite the bed and I marked all the places I saw and will see in the near fiuture. I work because I want to travel and I travel because I want to live as much as possible! (the map is from New look)DSC_0301That is all from me today… I believe you liked this post and maybe got a bit of inspiration as well. Do not forget to hit the thumbs up button or share it. Thanks in advance:)!


Lots of Love,

By Lesi Lee





Wonderful Vancouver

For those who do not know me: Hi, I am Lesi! I love travelling more than chocolate (it is a very close win) and I have been obsessed with makeup and pink colour for the past 4 years. Sounds silly? Maybe… Anyway, I have decided to share all that good stuff on my blog so thanks for reading, looking or whatever you are doing here right now:). DSC_0327I just came back from Canada. Yes, Canada! Originally, it was not even on my bucket list but when a travel addict gets a chance to go, you know how it ends. Before I start talking about everything I saw and liked, I have to point out 3 things. First: it was a dream of mine, I just didn´t know it. Second: nature has such a strong ability to calm down. And third: it is Heaven on Earth. Literally…

It all started on the 31st of August when I was asked to go. I only had a month to get ready, make a plan, buy a waterproof jacket (cause they call it Raincouver/ not Vancouver) and pack. All I knew about Canada was that it is known for its famous maple syrup and is really good at the hockey. Not much, I know. Luckily for me, my cousin who has been living there for years told me everything I needed to know, recommended places to see and made me feel so special and excited about visiting this beautiful country. We flew from London to Vancouver and stayed there for 2 weeks. The flight was quite long (ca 9 hours) and annoying. I did not sleep at all but I did enjoy the food at least (thanks British airways for giving me the best vegetarian pasta and caramel cake). We landed around 6pm on 06/10/18. It was already dark but the excitement that I felt was undescribable. We took a taxi to our lovely house in North Vancouver and the trip could have started. DSC_0335This is the list of places we were planning to see: North Vancouver- 1. Lynn Valley, 2. Grouse Mountain gondola, 3. Capilano suspension bridge, West Vancouver- 4. Lighthouse park, Vancouver- 5. Kitsilano beach, Wreck beach, Spanish beach, 6. English bay, 7. Stanley park, 8. Science world museum, 9. Gastown, 10. Chinatown, 11. Granville island,  Outside of Vancouver- 12. Squamish, 13. Shanon Waterfalls, 14. Whistler (Lost lake, Alta lake, Green lake, Olympic village)… and we managed to see everything and even more.

I will start with the North Vancouver where we stayed and discovered the most. It is separated from the downtown by ocean so you have to take a ferry or pass the bridge by bus/car. North Vancouver is basically a huge mountain full of typical American houses with their own drives. Each of them is lovely and unique. There is only one main street called Lonsdale with all the shops, restaurants, cafés etc. When you walk down to the Quay it is fine but otherwise it is a constant up the hill walk. What definitely was the highlight of this place is the incredible view from the Grouse mountain. There is a gondola going up every few mins and then you can get to the top by a chairlift. When the weather is good you can see not only the Vancouver itself but also all the small islands nearby (Vancouver island- Tofino) etc. Simply stunning! I only took few pics very carefully on my way up.

Then, we went to explore another part of the city, more precisely- beach. This was one of the places where I forgot about all the problems and just enjoyed the moment. The feeling of real happiness does exist and it is the best of all. DSC_0342Did you know that Vancouver is the only city in the world where you can swim in the ocean and ski down the mountain on the same day? These pictures are from the Kistilano beach (the baby is not mine unfortunately), which is usually very crowded during the summer. There are unbelievably many places to see, things to do. Anyone can relate. This city is just so versatile! Panorama of skyscrapers, mountains, neverending ocean= all in one. So beautiful! DSC_0345DSC_0346Kitsilano beach is not far from the Granville island where we visited the popular market which offers delicious food, souvenirs, clothes, art, simply everything. Great dinner spot for sure!DSC_0384Granville island DSC_0373Sunset over Mosque, Kitsilano beachDSC_0365Kitsilano (Grouse mountain in the back). Speaking about beaches, I cannot forget to mention another one called Wreck beach. Totally different, wild but truly mesmerizing! Pictures only capture half of the beauty but look!45202800_343807699709149_1856517820062367744_n45228761_563774714043903_8940312509269671936_nTO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE!DSC_0600DSC_0602The most beautiful sunsets are definitely here. I wish I was able to describe exactly what I felt but you just have to see it with your own eyes. Only words that come to my mind are: spectacular, touching, breathtaking! This is the place where I found my peace. It took me a bit longer but it was so worth it.

That was just the first part of the Canada segment but another one is coming tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading and I can´t wait to share more travel posts with you.

Lots of Love,

By Lesi Lee

Pink, cupcakes and London

First, I wish you all very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Second, I am still in London and more in love than ever. One of my resolutions is to get to know this city better and share all the good stuff  like where to go and what to see here. Today’s travel/ fashion post is special so I hope you like it as much as I do. DSC_0529As you can see from the cover photo, I visited Peggy Porschen cakes recently. It was a dream of mine to see this place and eat the cupcake so I am really happy to tick this off my bucket list. These beautiful handmade decorations took my breath away before I even stepped into the store and the light pink colour of the building itself was just like: ‘Oh yeah, I just found my heaven on earth!’ feeling for me. DSC_0506DSC_0508So pretty and pink!DSC_0509But the most important thing is the cake of course. All of them looked beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but I chose only the chocolate cupcake and raspberry macron. They are a bit pricey but so worth it and delicious!

DSC_0500I can’t wait to go back there in the spring to see a different decoration and try another lovely cake. I might also do the baking masterclass in Peggy Porschen academy so I am super excited!DSC_0497OUTFIT: coat TOPSHOP, scarf PRIMARK, handbag HM, jeans NEW LOOK

Lots of love,

by Lesi Lee

P.S. Clap your hands if you like pink!:DDD

Nothing better than Notting hill

Hello my lovely readers,

today I want to share some big news in this post! I moved to London recently and I am planning to stay here for a couple of months. It was a spontaneous idea but I do not regret it so far. London is really exciting, there are so many beautiful things to see and probably one of the most surprising places for me was Notting hill. I always loved the movie but I never expected the real place to be so colorful. As you can see from the pictures, there are hundreds of lovely houses which have amazing variety of colors and strolling around the famous Portobello market is just magical. DSC_0300DSC_0296This is probably my favorite pic.DSC_0303DSC_0348And this is my favorite dream pink house.DSC_0347Notting hill is very famous for its Portobello market. It has a long tradition but because of the many tourists, they only sell the souvenirs there nowadays.DSC_0328DSC_0359DSC_0283DSC_0326DSC_0318Piece of art everywhere.DSC_0286DSC_0293DSC_0319Typical souvenirs of London are T-shirts, postcards, bags and many other things with the dominants of the city. DSC_0330Notting hill got under my skin the second I walked in there. It is a bit crowded but the atmosphere and the area is just great. It definitely belongs to Top places to see in London. I will try to do more travel posts from London to show you where to go and what to see.

Until next time,

Lots of Love by L.L.

Floral dress

Florals? For summer? Groundbreaking!!! I just had to put this famous paraphrase from Devil wears Prada into the post. The summer is slowly ending and I realized that I have not worn so many dresses yet! But first things first, let´s talk about this beautiful maxi floral dress from Italy. The combo of colors, pattern, material, shape, everything about it is great and when I say everything, I really mean it…DSC_0475Maxi dress and sandals are perfect for the warm summer strolls…DSC_0457Florals are quite significant so no extra jewellery is needed. I just paired it with a small white crossbody bag and some simple opalite bracelets which are my favourite this season.DSC_0470Yellow eyeliner? Why not? It is chic, fresh and so cuuute! This look was created with the following products: Rimmel Perfection foundation 200, L.A.Girl concealer Porcelain, W7 Hoola bronzer, Koko K liquid lipstick Kylie cosmetics, Botanical color eye pencil 13 Citron Yves Rocher, White Jumbo pencil NYX, Lots of lashes mascara MaybellineDSC_0482DSC_0473DSC_0456DSC_0460Not dancing just turning around and looking creepy:DDSC_0452This is probably one of my favourite looks and I really hope that summer will last a little longer so I can rock these types of outfits more. DSC_0463I hope you liked this fashion post and until next time,

Lots of love

By Lesi Lee

Postcards from Hvar

Long time, no see… I know. Everything except blogging keeps me busy. Anyway, I am back from my holidays in Croatia and excited to share my summer adventures. DSC_0483It all started on the ferry from Drvenik (where we stayed for a week) to Sučuraj. It did not take long but the views I got to see were incredible. Mountains, sea and the yachts looked like cut from a very kitshy poster.DSC_0495Arriving to Sučuraj, there is a lovely lighthouse right next to the sea. Since we wanted to see the capital city of Hvar (which is also called Hvar unexpectedly:D), we had to travel through the whole island. The roads are really zigzag in there so my stomach was not too happy about it.DSC_0508Anyway, the goal was worth it. City of Hvar lies near the sea but is also surrounded by mountains. The dominant part is this beautiful ancient castle (where we did not go due to a very high temperature and laziness :D). DSC_0521Hvar is one of the most favourite destinations for American tourists (even Beyonce comes here often). DSC_0525Unfortunately, I have not met her…DSC_0536But what I saw and enjoyed was the view from the roof top. The architecture of the city mostly consists of the old stone houses and narrow streets with cafés, shops and restaurants. It was literally like 100 degrees so I used every chance to hide from the sun and blend in the tiny shady corners. DSC_0566DSC_0539The ships come and go every minute during the summer season.DSC_0546DSC_0542Postcards from Hvar…DSC_0560The painting of locals…DSC_0561Cute colorful flower pots on the walls…DSC_0562DSC_0563Exclusive designer shoes…DSC_0564This is what Hvar has to offer. And even more…DSC_0567I found this cutie hiding from the sun so I took a picture of her. Isn´t she adorable?DSC_0577When we left the capital, we continued our journey to other towns like Starigrad and Jelsa. But they are not by far as pretty as this one. Croatia has around 1000 islands but Hvar is considered to be the most beautiful, colourful and magical by many people. And I have to agree, this trip was a highlight of my summer for sure.DSC_0578Thank you for reading and till the next post, have a great summer and lots of love!

By Lesi Lee