🌸💗💁🏻‍♀️Blossoming me

Hello lovelies,

No, I am not getting married… Even though, the photos might look a bit wedding(ish)! We shot these beautiful spring pictures last year but I never had a chance to share them with you. And because it is getting warm, all is blossoming and I am home due to the self- quarantine, it is a perfect time to do it now so enjoy! (This had been my favourite photoshoot so far!)

Makeup: Dior Forever foundation 020 Light Beige, Hoola Benefit bronzer, Kylie liquid lipstick KOKO K, CHANEL Le Volume 10 Noir mascara, Urban Decay Cherry eyeshadow palette, highlighter Carli Bybel Deluxe palette.

Dress: TK Maxx, actual wedding dress by Love and Lavender

Jewellery: PANDORA

Photos by: D.P

I seriously felt like a princess/bride/Japanese geisha when shooting this. The blossoming tree and a simple pinkish makeup created a great base for perfect pics. I hope you will like them as much as I do and do not forget to follow me here and also on Instagram where I am constantly active @bylesilee.

IMG-0272Smile is the best thing any girl can wear.IMG-0251Can you see the lace details and a beautiful back of the dress? Loooove it…IMG-0239IMG-0263IMG-0366Sitting like the bride with a bouquet.

Let me know your thoughts about spring, weddings and all that good stuff:) and stay tuned! I am planning to post lots of great content in the next few weeks. Until then, I wish you lots of health and quality home time…

Lots of Love

By Lesi Lee

🤍❄️💁🏻‍♀️Snow White series: Once, there was a princess…

🙋🏻‍♀️Hello everyone, happy Sunday!

Are you enjoying the weather wherever you are right now? Is it cold, snowy❄️, rainy or sunny🌞 in your country? Well, here in Slovakia🇸🇰, the winter really kicked off this week and I am super excited to shoot another post from Snow White series. Everything just looks so magical in white, doesn’t it?🤍Including the outfits…

Recently, I have been trying to avoid pink 💗 cause I don’t want to look like a giant pink snowman in this weather🤦🏻‍♀️😂…

If you read my previous post, you probably already know that white colour is a great choice and can be combined with anything. I chose this beautiful ice blue colour winter coat which is very warm, chic and cozy. I have the same colour o’bag and it looks so girlie and cute together, right? I honestly think that these colours suit everyone💙🤍❄️.

Long creamy knitted sweater and a matching hat are perfect combination. I might buy more knitted pieces cause they are versatile, last ages and never get out of fashion…

Tone on tone🤍

Wearing similar colour pieces and layering is the only way how to look great and not freeze in this cold weather. If you take a close look at my outfit, you can see light blue, grey, white and creamy. The older I get, the more I realize that tone on tone outfits look much better and put together. Do not be afraid to take different kinds of grey, beige or even nude pink pieces. Just keep in mind that more (layers) is less (cold) and health is always the most important.

Some of the rules I follow recently:

1. Stay cosy and warm!

2. Matchy matchy!

3. Nude lips in the winter👄!

4. Shoot outfits in the snow🌨❄️😂!

5. Look like a Snow White and act like a princess!👸🏻

☃️🤍❄️Cool and bright…Snow heart🤍Thanks for reading and let me know how you like these new fashion series💁🏻‍♀️!

In the meantime,

Lots of Love

By Lesi Lee🙋🏻‍♀️💗💕🌸

❄️⛄️🌨Snow White Series: The reasons I like wearing white in the winter🤍

Hello my beautiful friends,

how are you all doing this year so far? Are you enjoying the beautiful but cold weather? I am more of a summer person but I must admit that the magic of winter and snow is getting under my skin. As one of my followers said: There is this particular beauty in white… It also has a calming effect and that is why I decided to have more winter holidays in the mountains (not just summer vacation).

Anyway, I was thinking about the content for my blog and because of my major focus on travelling last year, I kind of want to balance it all (fashion, beauty, travel) now. So I came up with the idea of fashion series inspired by Snow White. What do you think? Do we have anything in common? Well, certainly love for fashion and apples, xixi…

Let´s start with some winter clothing trends!

1. More is not less. Never underestimate the chilly weather and layer up your outfit. You don´t have to look like an onion, believe me! Cute sweater and a hat or big scarf can make everyone look like a celebrity!

2. Tone on tone. Colours of every winter season are about the same. Grey, black, same old same old. Try to pair similar shades and create a monochromatic look! They are always a good idea.

3. Headbands and fluffy ear covers. If you don´t live under the rock, you definitely noticed that these accessories absolutely do the job this season. They are not just super warm but also add a nice pretty detail and complete the look. So cute, isn´t it?

4. To oversize or not to oversize? When it comes to the coats, it is always better to go a size up cause you can easily squeeze more layers underneath and it looks tres chic! The same goes for the turtleneck pullovers or cardigans but be careful about the scarfs. Too many loose items can create a hanging curtain/ homeless effect!

5. Last but not least leggings! My favourites are thick black thighs and I wear them literally all the time. They are just comfy, keep everything in place and go with any sweater or a knitted dress. I love this trend so much!

Why white?

Even though my all time favourite is pink, I do love wearing white in the winter. It just goes well with the pale skin we all currently have (except the ones who don´t) and contrasts nicely with the actual white sky and snowy surrounding. White is also a colour of cleanliness and hope so wearing white clothes may bring the angel vibes in you so do not be afraid to stand out and pick few white or creamy items from your wardrobe just like I did in this photoshoot. I combined it with a brown Russian inspired jacket and ta daaa: here it the result!DSC_1055DSC_1056DSC_1058DSC_1063Few centimeters of snow and all the kids here in Slovakia (including me) are being crazy.DSC_1061DSC_1067DSC_1069Tone on tone…DSC_1072DSC_1073I went for a bright red lipstick and silver eyeliner which contrasts nicely with the white outfit. I generally use less makeup in the winter but I really wanted to achieve that Snow White look here. DSC_1076Snow White or a snowman?DSC_1080These pics are so pretty, better than an apple right?DSC_1081DSC_1082Thank you so much for reading my blog and until next time: Enjoy this cold season and stay warm but chic!

Lots of Love,

By Lesi Lee

Looking back at 2019✨

Happy New Year everyone!

How was your holidays? Have you had enough food, drinks, rest and all that good stuff? I certainly have and now it is time to move my ass a bit🤦🏻‍♀️😂…

Each year passes so quickly, don’t you think? Well, another year, another list of resolutions. Take a look at mine and please let me know how I can actually manage to do what is in there cause I have no idea😂… Looking back at 2019, I must say it was not an easy one. I say it every year, but it actually gets more and more difficult, believe me. I remember thinking that senior high school was the worst one. I guess that as we grow older, more stuff comes into our lives. More adult/tough kind of stuff… C’est la vie💗.

For me, 2019 was the year of change, love and lots of travels. And that is what I am going to talk about. I had been so blessed to visit many beautiful places and do many interesting things last year and here is a little recap in case you haven’t followed me around.


Start of the year was pretty good. After amazing Christmas holidays with my mum in London, me and my talented friend Hany photography did a photoshoot. The result turned out great! You just have to add a little light✨🤩! Have a look yourself!


I was quite busy working so no time for travels yet. But another great photoshoot, this time: All pink everything💗🌸!


I went to Slovakia to visit my beloved family. I don’t know a better feeling than coming back here. It doesn’t matter how long I am gone, it will always be my home🏡❤️. I only stayed a few days and didn’t take many pictures. (📷On the way home)


This month was actually very busy. I quit my job and found a better one. Working with children has always been my dream😍❤️🥰. So that was probably the best thing I did last year. Except this spring photoshoot💗🌸😍… All time favourite for sure!


My best friend from uni got married so I flew to Slovakia again. It was the most beautiful wedding💗.


I fell in love💗 this month and it definitely changed me and the rest of the year as well. Also, the lavender fields💜 outside of London were blooming so I had to take a chance and…


Honestly, I had the best summer. First, I went home for almost a month where I celebrated my 27th birthday. We visited Sardinia with my mum and made many great memories. Then I spent few days hiking in Slovak paradise with family… And then I went for the best road trip with my love. But enough of talking, see for yourself!


The mentioned road trip to Italy started at the end of July. 8 days, one car, so many places to see. I wrote a series of blog posts about it but to sum up, we visited (chronological order): Bologna, Rimini, Pescara, Termoli, Salerno, Amalfi coast, Positano, Sorrento, Pompei, Vesuvius, Anzio, Saturnia thermal spa, Florence, Pisa, Lido di Camaiore, La Spezia, Cinque Terre, Portofino and Genova. The same month, I flew to Switzerland where I stayed few months and 2 weeks later, I also went to Madrid. Crazy but amazing month!!!


After an exhausting summer, I decided to go to Spain to do El Camino. 4 days, 120 km (see the section travel for a specific post about it) and only 2 feet. It was the most difficult walk of my life but so worth it. We also travelled a lot within Switzerland (Geneva, Evian, Lausanne) in the autumn.


So happy, in love… Exploring new places with my ❤️: Chateaux d’ Oex, Yverdon les Bains, Montreaux, Tine de Conflens and many others… I also flew to London for a weekend (Seven sisters, Mersea island). You can read more about each trip in my specific blog posts- the travel section🙃.


The last month in Switzerland was busy again because I wanted to enjoy this beautiful country as much as possible. (Geneva, Interlaken, Iseltwald, Aare Gorge etc.)


Last month of the year was the most difficult one for me. Lots of stress and anxiety kicked in but I still managed to stroll around London, go back home, visit Budapest, enjoy snow in Slovak paradise and spend time with my family. I know it all sounds and looks great… It was an amazing year🤩, I really don’t want to complain… But you also have to realize that often, you must sacrifice your job, time and lots of money in order to see the world. That is why I want to focus on myself in 2020 and slow down a bit. And my advice to you is the same😉!

💗Love and take care of yourself! Nothing is more important, believe me!

That is all from me, I hope you liked this little recap and few wise words🤦🏻‍♀️😂…

Let me know how was your 2019 and what are your plans for this magical year🤩✨!

Lots of Love,

By Lesi Lee🙋🏻‍♀️

Cotton candy beach huts🍡💗

Hi guys, I hope you are having a nice and calm Sunday cause I am not:D. Just came back from London where I only spent 2 quick days seing my boo. Time passes extremely fast when you are happy/ travel and explore new places…

This weekend, we decided to go to Mersea island (2 hour drive from London). To be honest, I only know this place from Instagram but it is really as pretty as the pics. These pastel houses are literally the cutest/doll/candy/ insta call them whatever you want. Each one is original and yet similar.The strong wind made it almost impossible to take a good pic even though it was quite warm and sunny for October.The beach was absolutely empty so we took a nice walk.I could not take my eyes off them… Super lovely! You just want to eat them/ live there like a doll.Which one is your favourite:)?All smiley cause I found my pink paradise:).I did not really know what to wear cause my closet is kind of in the boxes at the moment but I knew it had to be pink:). So this pastel cardigan with the bird pattern (H&M) made me merge with the surrounding. (Light pink leather boots DEICHMANN)This is my fave pic… I can´t even guess how many of them there is.When on beach…If you are looking for a day trip outside London, Mersea island is a great place. You can also find there beautiful countryside, beaches, parks and all that good stuff. More from the weekend on the blog very very soon:).

Until then,

xxx Lots of love xxx


Pink, cupcakes and London

First, I wish you all very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Second, I am still in London and more in love than ever. One of my resolutions is to get to know this city better and share all the good stuff  like where to go and what to see here. Today’s travel/ fashion post is special so I hope you like it as much as I do. DSC_0529As you can see from the cover photo, I visited Peggy Porschen cakes recently. It was a dream of mine to see this place and eat the cupcake so I am really happy to tick this off my bucket list. These beautiful handmade decorations took my breath away before I even stepped into the store and the light pink colour of the building itself was just like: ‘Oh yeah, I just found my heaven on earth!’ feeling for me. DSC_0506DSC_0508So pretty and pink!DSC_0509But the most important thing is the cake of course. All of them looked beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but I chose only the chocolate cupcake and raspberry macron. They are a bit pricey but so worth it and delicious!

DSC_0500I can’t wait to go back there in the spring to see a different decoration and try another lovely cake. I might also do the baking masterclass in Peggy Porschen academy so I am super excited!DSC_0497OUTFIT: coat TOPSHOP, scarf PRIMARK, handbag HM, jeans NEW LOOK

Lots of love,

by Lesi Lee

P.S. Clap your hands if you like pink!:DDD

Floral dress

Florals? For summer? Groundbreaking!!! I just had to put this famous paraphrase from Devil wears Prada into the post. The summer is slowly ending and I realized that I have not worn so many dresses yet! But first things first, let´s talk about this beautiful maxi floral dress from Italy. The combo of colors, pattern, material, shape, everything about it is great and when I say everything, I really mean it…DSC_0475Maxi dress and sandals are perfect for the warm summer strolls…DSC_0457Florals are quite significant so no extra jewellery is needed. I just paired it with a small white crossbody bag and some simple opalite bracelets which are my favourite this season.DSC_0470Yellow eyeliner? Why not? It is chic, fresh and so cuuute! This look was created with the following products: Rimmel Perfection foundation 200, L.A.Girl concealer Porcelain, W7 Hoola bronzer, Koko K liquid lipstick Kylie cosmetics, Botanical color eye pencil 13 Citron Yves Rocher, White Jumbo pencil NYX, Lots of lashes mascara MaybellineDSC_0482DSC_0473DSC_0456DSC_0460Not dancing just turning around and looking creepy:DDSC_0452This is probably one of my favourite looks and I really hope that summer will last a little longer so I can rock these types of outfits more. DSC_0463I hope you liked this fashion post and until next time,

Lots of love

By Lesi Lee

All about the semi-precious stones and bracelets

Did you know that each stone has a power? And did you know that you can carry this power wherever you go? DSC_0902Bracelets made from semi- precious stones can bring you love, stress relief or even detox for your body and they look so beautiful!DSC_0908Crystal: It is a transparent stone which has a widespread use. It brings the positive energy, improves intuition and helps with meditation. Crystal is one of the most important stones because it might decrease the physical pain (or fever) and clear the mind. It is always good to have a crystal at home and hold it in the hand when needed (or you can wear a bracelet, the effect is the same).

Onyx: This black stone is generally known as the energy one (similar to Ying Yang). It can help physically but also mentally. It balances the body with the space. Onyx can reduce the inclination to the addictions as well which is why it is so popular nowadays.

Hematite: It is a shiny black stone with the protective power. Hematite can clear the blood and it is also good for the memory. The harmony of the body and soul is another important effect of this beautiful stone.

Snowflake Obsidian: It is a stone of purity. Obsidian can bring the balance to the body mind and spirit. In the past, people used it for a better skin and vains.

Coral: This red miracle does not only look good but has so many great effects at the same time. It intensifies the mother/child love. It calms the emotions and might also fight against the bad vibrations. It brings the energy and warmth. However, people who suffer from anxiety should not wear it cause it could deepen the feelings. DSC_0914DSC_0926Keshi (Freshwater) pearl: These beautiful pearls (or the angel´s teardrops) have been popular among women for ages. They represent the protection against injuries, harmony and love. (Pearls are girl´s best friends! Not diamonds…) DSC_0927Rose Quartz: This is probably the most beautiful and also the most important one beause it is the stone of LOVE! Everyone needs love, no need to comment it more…

Pink Jadeite: There are many types and colours of jadeite but I chose this one (guess why). This stone can bring happiness, friendship and harmony. It is also a stone of good sleep. In some cases, it may release too many emotions so one needs to be careful where and how to use it. DSC_0931Amethyst: Purple and beautiful! It exchanges energy for love. Amethyst is really strong and ofted used for spiritual purposes. It can bring good dreams, decrease the alcohol in the blood and also harmonize the body and soul.

White Nacre: Truly powerful and protective stone! It is used against the bad influences and negative energy. It can absorb it and change it for the positivity. Nacre can also bring the money, protection and safe background into the lives of individuals.DSC_0913These ones are my absolute favorites: rose quartz (pink), amethyst (purple), crystal (transparent) and white nacre (white). The combination of the beauty and power is just wonderful!DSC_0952I have really been into the crystals recently (another addiction I guess:D) and that is why I decided to write about it. Whether you believe or not, you have to admit that there is some kind of beauty and magic in it.

Which one is your favourite?

Lots of love,

Lesi Lee

(P.S. Part 2 is coming soon because there are so many more amazing stones I need to talk about!)

DIY: Chokers,headbands, bracelets


We all love bracelets. It has always been chic and feminine part of the accessories. DIY bracelets are original, affordable and super easy to make. Let´s get started! First, decide what colours you want your bracelets to be. I only wear black, grey or white so the choice was easy. I got some beads at the shop and I combined them with the ones I had at home already. You need to measure the size of your hand, take nylon and string the beads. Use different types of beads to make your bracelet different and beautiful. Once, you are finished, tie the knot and it is done!dsc_0558dsc_0559dsc_0567

What you need:

  • pieces of fabrics (get them in the textile haberdashery)
  • scissors
  • beads (pearls, black/white, silver)
  • needle
  • thread, lace, elastic nylon


I decided to make a creamy headband with the white pearls because it looks really cool with the dark hair. I bought a piece of muslin fabric and I created soft waves using needle. In the middle where the fabric is thicker, I stitched the pearls in a row. You can end the headband with the fastener or little clasp. dsc_0523



The chokers are hot right now and if you do not want to spend the fortune and get all the dfferent kinds in FOREVER 21, this DIY is just for you. Yes, I got inspired at the newly opened store FOREVER 21 in Bratislava.

The beaded choker: I got a soft black net-fabric at the shop and I created a thick braided strip in the middle. I sewed up the beads and small strasses many different ways so it creates a pattern. I ended the choker with a fastener but you can use what you have at home even a small clip.

The laced choker: This was actually really quick and easy. I got a laced fabric and I cut the pattern from the bottom. I sewed up both parts of the choker so it wouldn´t have the small threads coming off. I ended it with the small fastener and it looks just perfect. Don´t you think?